Thursday, May 17, 2007

car donations

When I look at the Adwords side of things, I am seeing that approx.
50 percent of my clicks on Adwords are converting into the clicks on
Adsense. I guess I am trying to get a sense of whether this is good,
great - or should be improved upon.... please advise.

I was running 2 ads - both getting approximately 50 percent of
clicks. I removed the one getting the lesser of the 2 totals, and am
now only running 1 ad. Since making this move, the clicks have greatly
improved on the Adsense side. I did this earlier today and will stay in
this mode for a minute.

My question on this is - Given the monthly searches for this niche,
and the various keywords associated with it, should I expect to see
this level out at some point - and settle down to a somewhat
consistent dollar amount each day that I can count on?
Also - has anyone tried doubling their ads in Adsense to get a bigger
share of the overall AdWords clicks, and double your gain more
profits from this one niche in Adsense?

Any comments or questions - greatly appreciated. And Brad - You
have truly hit a homerun with this software. The truly funny part
about this is - I still have not quite figured out the part about parsing
out good Adwords keywords at 5-10 cents per click. Anyone who can
help me on that would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks -

Jeff’s comments:

Notice how Michael is asking questions to the other forum
members? At this point, he’s just beginning his tests and you can
tell that he is clearly not very experienced with the whole
Arbitrage method. A real testament, and solid proof, that even a
beginner can make the arbitrage method work. I’ve purposely
left in ALL of Michael’s comments, as I didn’t want to only give
you part of the “story”.


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