Thursday, May 17, 2007

Business Case 2

I set up 2 – 336 x 280 boxes across the top of the fold, under the
title and author lines, and side by side, blended into the background.

I have another 728 x 90 banner across the bottom of the article, for
those who need something to do after they read the entire thing... (if
you get that far... lol). I optimized the page for this particular group of
high paying keywords... and I was ready to go on the Adsense end.

Now for Adwords: I created 3 separate lists of 1,000 keywords
each - from variations of the main keyword, to populate my keywords
in Adwords. I set the price on these keywords at 0.05 per click... Of
course, most of them came up wanting more of a minimum bid to
activate. But for the time being - I had enough keywords active to
start the experiment.

The first thing I wanted to see was - how much was Adsense going
to pay me for those clicks on the ads on my page. Based on the
expected results in KE, I had anticipated a payout of approx. 60 cents
- $2.00 per click. What I have found in reality is that Adsense is paying
me consistently at 20 cents per click, more or less...

Now - I don’t know if this is the exception or the rule, but - I have
always read that using the content ads in Adwords was not really a
good idea... but - I started to use them anyway in order to keep my
cost per click down to around 3 cents - 4 cents a click.

So - to make a long story longer, here are the results of the
last 4 days:

Day 1 - 15 impressions - 4 clicks....33 cents total (I started late in
the evening on

Day 2 - 95 impressions - 37 clicks....$4.34 total (1st full day in

Day 3 - 128 impressions - 52 clicks....$7.32 total

Today - 485 impressions - 202 clicks - $32.01 total (with approx. 8
hours left to go in Google’s day before change over to Friday totals -
I am expecting this to clear $37.00 by the end of the day)

The conversion rates on all days have been middle double digits…
Now with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 clicks on day 1 - every
single click and impression I got came from content ads in Google -
absolutely none of them are coming from search ads.

Hello Test! Hello Test! นี่เป็นข้อความหนึ่งจากหลายๆอันที่ผมได้ทดลองใส่ครับ เพื่อเล่นเกมส์บางอย่างอย่างใสสะอาด


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